Intervistë nga Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj


Intervistë nga Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj

Nga: Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj Më: 10 prill 2021 Në ora: 17:35
Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj

Your brief bio.

Marjeta SHATRO RRAPAJ is a contemporary writer from Albania.

Poetry has been an inseparable part of her life, a passion that would be crowned with many publications in newspapers, various periodicals and foreign literary anthologies. She is the author of eight books of poetry: "In the sea of ​​my eyes" in Albanian, "Pilgrimage with the twilight" in Albanian, "To be ever God 's smile " in English, "Nerthus" in French and Albanian, "Hestia "in French," Vesta "in English and Spanish,"Far from illusions "in five languages: Albanian, English, French, German and Italian." Marevita "in Albanian. She wrote in prose: "The flickering seagulls."

She has translated into Albanian 50 foreign authors in the Anthology "Espalier with the wind".

She translated from French the book of an Algerian poet: "Poetry by Abdelghani Rahmani". Comes in three languages ​​(Albanian, English and Punjabi) with an Indian poet Jernail Singh Anand in the Anthology: "Poetic Melodies".

She has translated into French the book "Murmure d'un autre monde" by Agron Shele, also "Murmures fugaces" by Muhammad Azram.

On January 10, 2021 she was published in the Anthology: "World poets female voices" in the Netherlands by Demer Press.

Her books are available online at the global companies "AMAZON" and "LULU".

She is a polyglot.

There are 35 video poems on You tube with recitations by herself and foreign authors.

You have written so much poetry. How you conceive/create poetry?

What is poetry?

Poetry is the harmony of the soul, the instant love relived in perpetuated verses, the mixture of thought with feeling in a beautiful instinctive dream with the desire to express oneself with chosen words, with infinity of feelings occurring in the depths of the soul, a free meditation with inner rhythm of uniform movements. Allow me to introduce one of my creations about poetry:

Poetry, music of my soul

Life pain balm,

Permanent oracle prayer,

Faith with wings spread across the sky

Blessing of your fragile nature

The journey of life towards the rainbow of hope!

My breath is me * You!

Your verse, care of light and destiny

Secret love that silently pours into the blood.

Innocence abducted by angelic face

Archipelago of islands sleeping under fog

A flight that takes me farther and farther away

Abstraction in the invisible cloud of ignorance.

Muse that begins with the sunshine.

What are major themes of your poetry?

The themes of my poetry are: nature, sea, sun, love, mysticism, reflection

How do you look at life? And are you happy? What is happiness in your opinion?

Life is a sacred gift, where everyone has a mission to fulfill and the meaning of life is what I do in this world, what is the purpose of my existence.

Man is the essence of life and life is the essence of everything.

Life is the opportunity given to us to achieve happiness.

What are the reasons for man's unhappiness? If he is discontented, whom you hold responsible?

Happiness is a set of feelings and emotions of the body and mind that create well-being and joy in a moment of life, as a state of peace and spiritual rest.

We are hungry for happiness, for good with a sound imagination.

Health, family, love, friends, work, profit, security, gratitude make up our happiness.

When we love someone we try to make him happy and thus make ourselves happy. So to have all the good things to give deep pleasure and great joy when our desires are fulfilled, dreams we feel happy from the feeling of divine happiness . . Dissatisfaction is an unpleasant feeling when our desires are not fulfilled, when we do not like something, being dissatisfied leads us to complain about something unfulfilled.

Man as a homo sapiens with a developed brain has reasoning, speech and self-analysis that leads to problem solving.

The outside world affects the human consciousness, the inner state with pleasure or dissatisfaction.

Do you think poetry is only for pleasure? Only for entertainment? Does it have no social commitment?

Poetry is the oldest type of literary creativity, where human language is used for aesthetic qualities, for expression of feelings or the poet's view of phenomena or events with powerful artistic language, so it is a rhythmic need to memorize and convey the inner world. , sublime feelings, divine inspiration through letters and verses which reveal thoughts which create energy that lights the lights of knowledge that warm the heart, mind and soul and give meaning to life as the most precious gift, where man's relationship with the world is through intuition. lightning where time is transfigured instantly.

Poetry gives meaning to life, existence, it is the truth and beauty in modern times, where poets tend towards philosophical and psychoanalytic reflection, because poetry is relieved by the reader to get in touch with himself through words.

Poetry is life-changing hope because it allows you to be yourself. Poetry is the divine art of elevating feelings, impregnated with emotions, beauty and love.

Poets stand marginalised in our modern society. What is the reason?

The great poets are by no means marginalized they are the inspiration of society and eternally immortal, as their souls are fused into divine verses.

Why the happiness quotient of mankind is lower than it was 50 years back? Have great poets and philosophers added to human joy with their theories?

Modern times have brought the river of conflict between science and the arts, but poetry makes more beautiful any scientific truth with a subtle consciousness of the mystical spiritual life of the unit.

What special you want to say with regard to modern world and poetry?

The modern world perfectly alternates the fine arts with the art of speech. Poetic texts become beautiful songs, accompany impressive films, so art adorns life with all its colors and forms.

Your dream and your message for youth.

My dream is for my word and verse to have the power to magically change the reality of the reader, making them feel good and inspired for new solutions in their lives. My message to the youth is to be educated and to read as much fiction as possible and not to share the poetry achieved by their lives.

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