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Hoti seeks dismissal of Pal Lekaj


Hoti seeks dismissal of Pal Lekaj

Më: 29 mars 2019 Në ora: 13:50
Hoti seeks dismissal of Pal Lekaj

Head of the parliamentary group of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti has stated that the case is without precedent that a minister of the Kosovo government requires removal of an ambassador, and that of Switzerland, where over 200 thousand citizens of Kosovo.

Hoti wrote in facebook that money that Switzerland spends in Kosovo including taxes these 200 thousand Kosovo citizens pay in Switzerland.

"Therefore, it is legitimate to demand accountability and proper expenditure by the ambassador. Only the dismissal of the minister may be sufficient as an apology to a friendly country like Switzerland, "he said.

Otherwise, the Minister of Infrastructure, Pal Lekaj has told media that if he were to be asked today to give letrat./

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